Element = Rn


XC approx

XC Func Ultrasoft? psp class Nonlinear Corr. Relativ. SemicoreCode
341 86rn.pspnc LDA TP N TM N N unknown Abinit
446 86-Rn.GGA.fhi GGA PBE N TM N N none Abinit
593 86rn.8.hgh LDA TP N HGH N N none Abinit
740 Rn_HSCV_LDA-1.0.xml LDA PZ N HSCV N N none Qbox
741 Rn_HSCV_PBE-1.0.xml GGA PBE N HSCV N N none Qbox
928 Rn.psf LDA PZ N TM N N none Siesta

6 pseudopotentials found in the Virtual Vault

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